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SalesReps within participating reseller partners collect BonusPoints for every product they sell. These BonusPoints will be allocated by a designated team admin at the end of every incentive period to the users and converted to money on the prepaid credit card.

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How does it work?

First person to sign up via the registration page must be the managing director or delegate legitimated by the managing director that can accept the program’s Terms and Conditions on behalf of the company.

The first person registering must know your company’s HPE Partner ID, your company’s basic claims data. Wait until the first person’s account has been approved by the system. Please keep in mind that the program is intended for Silver, Business and Proximity partners. Platinum and Gold Partner may participate only in certain regions and with limitations.

For UK & I users, get signed up on the registration page by simply clicking on “Yet a Member? Register Now”.

The first person who registered the company will be responsible for the program. He/she automatically gets the reseller admin role with extra privileges assigned. This role could be transferred later to anyone within the company by contacting our support team.

After the company account has been approved and login credentials have been received, it’s time to invite your other sales rep colleagues by using the “company management” menu. By sending out an invitation, your colleagues will receive an e-mail with an invitation code to enter the Engage & Grow portal. The more people you invite, the higher you can raise your company’s quarterly max limit.

For UK & I users, you can invite your colleagues onboard with you on HPE ENGAGE & GROW!

To actively participate in HPE ENGAGE & GROW incentives, you need to complete the HPE ENGAGE & GROW Partner Survey. The survey can be found in the portal and takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

The information you share will be used to ensure suitable products and material are provided to support your sales efforts.

Based on your company’s guidelines you can order:

  • One single prepaid Credit Card for your entire sales team
  • One Credit Card for every participating sales rep in your company

Don’t worry – your employees can only spend earned money – it is not a debt card.

*Usage of Credit cards is not applicable in Nordic countries (Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden). A company bank wire transfer will be used as the payment method for the total of company earned bonus points

Sell HPE products and participate in product trainings to earn BonusPoints.

Make sure you receive the HPE ENGAGE & GROW newsletter, so you don’t miss any special opportunities or important information regarding the program.

As soon as the HPE ENGAGE & GROW quarter is over, the reseller admin will receive instructions how to allocate the earned points.

In most countries, the bonus point allocation consists of a transfer to either the credit card of the team or to the credit cards of individual sales reps. The sales rep receiving allocated bonus points, will then have to login to the Engage & Grow portal and confirm the BonusPoints within 30 days. If the process is confirmed, the payout will occur.

In Nordic countries, the payment mechanism will be through a company bank wire transfer.

In all scenarios, the reseller admin has to take action within 30 days of receiving the allocation notification, otherwise the earned points will be lost.

About Engage & Grow Illustration

Good to know

One BonusPoint equals 1€.
The payout occurs at the beginning of the next quarter.

The reseller admin can track his team’s performance during the incentive period and analyse their sales.

If you are not a registered HPE Partner and you want to sign up, we will support you with partner registration.

The earned BonusPoints will be pre-taxed in countries where this is possible, please check T&Cs for details concerning your country.

The program is designed to be as easy as possible. We will support you with the sign up in your native language!

E&G is already a success with HPE Partners in South and North America. Don’t miss this oppurtunity to boost your sales!

Need more information?

Contact Support

Please feel free to contact our support team via e-mail. Support is available from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm CET. We look forward to your request.